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Lightning Strike!!!

Ok pretty much just writing this so that live journal doesn't delete my account cuz i haven't posted anything on here just yet =[ however that is only because i have been unable to think of anything to write, but i have finally been struck by the lightning bolt of inspiration (i wonder if thats how we get inspiration) or whatever inspiration actually is =P and am now in the process of planning and writing a several fics for various fandoms, yay =]

First fic, shall be a Supernatural Sassy fic (love Cas/Sam <3) and an AU high school setting (as in no monsters/magic etc.). Basically Sam and Dean move to a new town due to John's job, Dean makes friends with Cas, Sam is in an Advanced class that Cas happens to be in (not sure how american school system works so we'll see). Long story short Sam gets crush on Cas blah blah blah. Will involve other stuffs obviously but can't go giving it away now can we =P

Second fic, it shall also be of the Supernatural fandom, but unrelated Dean/Sam wincest, high school AU again. Sam Singer moves to Lawrence, Kansas due to issues at previous school. Dean Winchester, the school's womaniser, takes an interest in Sam after being paired with him on a school project. Stuff develops and what not.

Another fic, shall be KibaNaru (Naruto fandom) which i just got back into =] not entirely sure what this will be about as i forgot to write the idea down =[ but hopefully i shall be electrocuted by inspiration again and remember. Probably gonna be one of those ones that starts off with them in the academy and becoming friends, then graduating and getting closer and stuff.

And yet another idea/plan/pondering based in the Supernatural fandom, unrelated Dean/Sam wincest again. This was an idea i had for the Big Bang, but i had a lot of uni coursework to do at the time =[ and now uni is finished for the year i should be able to make a start. Not gonna say anything about it except this one will involve the supernatural although in a different way that will suit the story, so no stupid favouring of the christian stuff over the other gods etc.

So, live journal please do not delete my account in how ever many days left that you gave me in that warning email, i am planning on using this account if you give me enough time... even though i have had this for like a year or 2 and have done nothing ¬_¬ Regardless this be my plea to you =D

If for some reason someone reads this then hello to you, and how are you? =3



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